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new painted umbrellas. available from crystal cradle

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parastara in action


flyer for The Light Meadow, part of Winter Light 09

Flyer for The Light Meadow, Winter Light 09

dots installation at winterlight 09

'Let there be Dots!'
Light installation at "The Light Meadow"
part of Edmonton's Winter Light Celebrations
photo: Alain Veron

light meadow picture

at The Light Meadow
part of Winter Light 2009

carousel mirror horse

Carousel Mirror Horse
installation at The Light Meadow
part of Winter Light 2009

dots installation, baba yaga trail adventure, winter light

Dots Installation
at the Baba Yaga Trail Adventure;
Part of Winter Light 2009

flying a parasol at Winter Light's Illuminations

Flying a Parasol at "Illuminations",
Winter Light Closing Ceremony March 21, 2009.


luminated umbrella

the latest in illuminated umbrellas! black light reactive and fully rain proof.


she finds colour pools

we went looking one day
for another universe in which to play
just when we thought we were lost
those tricky pixies
came and stole us away


detail of poster

detail of a poster, spring 2007.


an animated lightpainting of/on a yucca tree in the gila national forest, new mexico.



21 oct 06 : uv stencil art at diwhali dance, festival of lights, tucson, az.



october 21, 2006. starpod decked out with bamboo and fabric light sculpture. very chill zone at Dance-Festival of Lights, avra valley, arizona




bamboo lights and fabric. festival of lights


the mirrorstarballpod at the festival of lights.







sunrise view from the inside of the chillpod. festival of lights




corner of the chillpod



mirrorball horse installation at sasquatch music festival, alberta, august 06



kootenanny ; creston, BC, may 21.
slides projected on umbrellas, screens and paper lanterns.



kootenanny; may 21, creston, bc.



back of stage, 4:twenty2, riverdale hall, edmonton



cutpaper paint and lense mural, 4:22, riverdale hall, edmonton



cutpaper and stencil poster, Intox III, april 6, edmonton (



cutpaper and stencil poster, Intox III, april 6, edmonton (



parade::wilt thou be::valentine's lanterns 06



random acts of art :: june 2004 :: leslie spit toronto



party deco :: blue dot hop



party deco :: zion the soulstice



lantern :: zion the soulstice



umbrella and flowerpetal installation at Zion the Harvest, edmonton, alberta.



parade facilitation :: firstwarmnight nyc



uv stencil art :: red leaf earth 1



'amma dances' at the landing pad/ mile zero dance "love at first sight" salon.
feb 10/11 2006, parastra window treatment


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